Chairman Bo Mazzetti

Vice Chairwoman Stephanie Spencer

Council Member Steve Stallings


Council Member Frank Mazzetti III

Council Member Laurie E. Gonzalez

Council Liaison Faith Price

Tribal Government

The Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians is a sovereign government recognized by the United States.   As a sovereign government, the Rincon Band has governmental jurisdiction over its land and people. Tribal governments, like Rincon, have autonomy and are not subject to state jurisdiction, but have a “trust relationship” with the federal government, which includes enforcing federal laws, and participating in issues relating to tribal land and members on a government-to-government basis. “Inherent sovereignty” is based on the fact that tribal nations were governing their lands prior to the founding of the United States; they signed treaties with the federal government guaranteeing the right of self-governance; and are recognized as such in the United States Constitution, and subsequent Supreme Court decisions.

A participatory democracy, the Rincon tribal government consists of two entities: the elected tribal council and the general membership, which includes all of the Band’s adult members. The general membership elects a chairman, vice chairman, and three council members on a rotating basis every two years.
Structured like other representative governments, the Rincon tribal council serves as the legislative branch, creating policies; and as the executive branch is responsible for enforcing laws, policies and administering the government’s, resources, activities and services for the common good of the members. The tribal council also has quasi-judicial powers. These powers are executed through adopted ordinances, policies and procedures, including a tribal court. The council also serves as the “board of directors” of the tribally owned enterprises, with tribal members as “shareholders” in the tribe’s economic assets.

Meet our Council

Contact Information

Chairman 12/12

Bo Mazzetti

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Vice Chairwoman 12/12

Stephanie Spencer

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Council Member 12/12

Frank Mazzetti III

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Council Member 12/11

Steve Stallings

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Council Member 12/11

Laurie E. Gonzalez

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Council Liaison

Faith Price

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All council members offices are located at:

Rincon Tribal Hall 1 West Tribal Road .

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